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Dehn Al Oud Seufi 3 ml

Dehn Al Oud Seufi 3 ml

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Pure & Vintage Agarwood Oil

  • Dehn Al Oud Seufi by Hekayat Attar stands as an exceptional embodiment of Oudh craftsmanship, showcasing an exquisite balance. It is derived from the premium Agarwood trees found in Assam, India.
  • With its dark, intense color, Seufi showcases the essence of maturity, having been carefully aged for more than two decades.
  • Just a single drop of this exquisite Dehn Al Oudh is enough to create a lasting impact, as its captivating scent lingers for up to 12 hours

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Family: Oud Natural

Top Note : Indian Oud ( Hindi )

Middle Note: Woody & Vintage Oudy ( Hindi )

Base Note: Indian Oud ( Hindi )

Product Specification

Target Audience: Unisex

Volume: 3 mL

Net Weight: 3 g

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