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Mabsoos Aisha 30 Gms Incense Bakhoor Powder

Mabsoos Aisha 30 Gms Incense Bakhoor Powder

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  • A perfect pick of people who want to add a fresh vibe to their home interior
  • Perfect for use in enclosed spaces like homes, offices, garages and so on
  • Smells like refreshment – easy to experience the scent of fresh wild organe, with hints of vanilla and sandalwood powder
  • The fragrance replaces any unpleasant odour, leaving a pleasant and relaxing fragrance that lingers for a long time

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Net Weight: 30 g

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Mabsoos Aisha 30 Gms Incense Bakhoor Powder is an oriental home fragrance incense from The House of Hekayat Attar. Mabsoos Arabia 30 Gms Incense Powder is a scintillating blend of agarwood powder with fragrance that smells fresh wild orange, with hints of vanilla and sandalwood powder. In Arabian culture, it's a traditional gesture to pass bakhoor among guests, so they can scent their hair, clothing and hands. This is believed to be a as integral to hospitality as serving coffee and dates. Must be heated on a surface of at least 500°F for this incense to smoke and release an aroma. Do not leave unattended. keep out of reach of Children. Do not use for any purpose other than which this product is intended. Bakhoor helps to improve mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper chakras while calming the whole entire spiritual system. Medically, Oud Bakhoor is a tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, relieves epilepsy, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-asthmatic.