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  • It is a NON ALCOHOLIC long lasting Vanilla Fragrance mixed with musk and natural rose
  • The fragrance unfolds from its bright and fresh top notes to the sensual heart of roses, jasmine, and musk, and finally settles into a warm and comforting base.
  • The prominent rose note contributes a classic floral essence that is simultaneously elegant and captivating.
  • The enduring quality of musk in the base notes ensures that the fragrance lingers on the skin, leaving a lasting impression.
  • These fragrances can also be used for oil/spray perfumery blending, bakhoor / incense manufacturing, as air fresheners, colognes, or a few drops can be added to your favorite body lotion, creams, massage oil or bath oil.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Vanilla, Bergamot

Heart Notes:

Musky Rose Floral

Base Notes:

Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Product Specification

Target Audience: Unisex

Volume: 100 mL

Net Weight: 140 g

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Rose Musk Vanille is a fragrance that encapsulates a symphony of floral elegance and sensuality. It beautifully captures the essence of a romantic garden in full bloom, with roses and jasmine taking center stage amidst a backdrop of warmth and sweetness. The interplay of fresh top notes, seductive floral heart, and embracing base notes creates a well-rounded and enchanting experience. This fragrance is for those who appreciate the timeless charm of florals and seek a scent that embodies grace and allure. Rose Musk Vanille invites you to embrace moments of intimacy, leaving a trail of captivating elegance wherever you go.

Using Rose Musk Vanilla Concentrated Perfume oil can enhance your personal fragrance experience in various ways. Here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  1. Pulse Points:
    Apply a small amount of the perfume oil to your pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and inner elbows. These areas emit heat, which can help to diffuse the fragrance and make it last longer.
  2. Hair:
    Dab a tiny amount of the oil on your fingertips and run them through your hair. This can help to subtly scent your hair and leave a pleasant trail of fragrance as you move.
  3. Layering:
    For a more intense and longer-lasting fragrance, layer the perfume oil with complementary scented products. Start with a shower gel or body wash, followed by a body lotion or cream in the same or a complementary scent, and finish with the perfume oil.
  4. Clothing:
    Apply a small amount to your clothing, such as the inside of your collar or on a scarf. Be cautious with delicate fabrics as oil can stain.
  5. Bath:
    Add a few drops of the perfume oil to your bath for a luxurious and fragrant experience. This can also help to lightly scent your skin.
  6. Mixing:
    Mix a few drops of the perfume oil with an unscented lotion or oil to create a personalized body moisturizer. This can help to evenly distribute the fragrance over your skin.